I’m not a great golfer. Actually, that’s an exaggeration. IScreenShot 1’m a terrible golfer. But I have on occasion experienced the joy of hitting the sweet spot, that delicious smack between club and the ball that tells you it’s going to fly just where you intended.

Can’t get to the golf course today? You could take your BlackBerry, respond to emails and pretend you’re still at the office. No?

Well then try out Par 72 Golf. This game features 18 holes of golfing fun, including hills, water, wind, and sand traps.

Start by perusing the course with a top down, scrollable view.
ScreenShot 2
Top down view of golf course

Select your club, and choose an angle to account for wind and elevation.

ScreenShot 3
Choose your club

Like many games of this type, Par 72 Golf features the familiar power bar for the golf swing. Press the spacebar once, and the power level starts to increase. Press it again at just the right moment to set the power for your swing and watch it fly.

ScreenShot 4
Swing it with the spacebar

Once you are close to the hole, the game switches over to a putting green to let you sink the ball.

ScreenShot 5
Just tap it in

The sound effects are done well, and pretty much what you would expect from the swing, the smack, and the satisfying rattle of the ball into the hole.

Par 72 Golf features a free trial that let’s you play the first hole. If you like it, you can unlock the rest of them with a license key.

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