PaperPlane for BlackBerry PlayBook

PaperPlane by BBThemes is one of the best selling games for the BlackBerry PlayBook to date, and for good reason. The simple concept combined with smooth gameplay and awesome graphics pave the way for hours of entertainment as you try to best your score with every throw. As Kevin let you know back in May, BBThemes was working on plans to expand the game with the addition of more levels. I'm happy to report that three brand spanking new levels are now available for PaperPlane.

To download these levels absolutely FREE, simply open up the app on your BlackBerry PlayBook. On the lower left corner you will see icons for each level, and all you need to do is tap them each to download. Now you can play the classic office level, or expand your throws to the graffiti covered city streets, an urban rooftop at night, or take your chances on a winter day on the slopes. From the video sneak peek we were given back at the end of April, it looks like there is at least one more level in the works. If you don't already own PaperPlane, you can pick it up for just $.99 in BlackBerry App World.

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