Do you fancy taking on the role as an airline pilot? You can with Panic Flight which has made its way to BlackBerry 10 and it shows us how great gaming can now be on the big screen of the Z10. The game involves you piloting passenger jets from one city to another. That does't sound much fun on its own but of course there is more to it than just that. Storm clouds are the main issue. With only a certain amount of fuel onboard you will need to avoid the clouds as they will slow your plane down. Go through too many and you may not have enough fuel to finish the flight. That's a bad thing.

Along the way there are plenty of hazards that you must also try to avoid such as tornados and random skulls. On the flip side there are also bonus icons to collect which will give you a boost. It's all about the money with Panic Flight. In addition to picking up gold coins along the way you will also be rewarded at the end with some hard cash. You can save this up and put it towards a new, bigger plane.

Controlling the jet is simple. Just drag your finger across the screen to guide it. You can even perform a loop-the-loop which comes in handy sometimes for collecting items as looping around it will automatically pick it up. Just avoid those naughty storm clouds.

Panic Flight is priced at £2.00/$2.99 and it really is a sweet game. Things can get pretty hectic as you whizz through the air but if you fancy a challenge then you will love the game. The only downside I came across was that the menu was a bit laggy. Luckily the game isn't so fear not.

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