New into BlackBerry App World for the PlayBook is Pangdemic - a rather challenging game where you control a knight who must utilize his weapons to destroy the evil magic balls that fall from the sky and continue to bounce round the screen causing chaos. When I say this game is challenging I mean it. I can't even get past level one, although that is clearly as I am not great at it.

The balls start as large ones but each time you shoot them they split into two, and this continues to happen so at one point you could be having to shoot 10 balls or more, but having to dodge them at the same time as if one lands on you it will kill you. With three lives in each game it really does require a lot of practice but I like this from a game. There is nothing worse than spending a couple of bucks on a game just to complete it within the hour.

There are 30 levels in total and along the way you will make use of a spiked mace, a crossbow and a hook as well as searching for the hidden crown in each level. There are a few other things to pick up along the way. Occasionally an icon will drop from the sky which will slow the balls down for a short time, giving you some vital seconds to get a few easy shots in.

Pangdemic will set you back $1.99 and it is a worthy price if you ask me, although I need to practice more! Since I recorded the video the app has actually had an update and although I don't know what is new, if anything, it is encouraging to see the developer keeping on top of things.

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