Pandora For BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.1.3

Shout out to Twitter folks for letting us know about a new Pandora update the other night. Seems this one actually has a lot of fixes and new features in it. The Pandora folks gave us the run down in the forums.

New Features

  • Support for account upgrades to Pandora One via the mobile device
  • Faster startup time, especially for listeners with lots of stations. One test with 100 stations showed startup time going from 14.25 seconds down to 8.2 seconds.
  • Station list sort order is now saved
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed volume-change issues triggered by some third-party apps, such as Vlingo
  • No more 8-hour session limit
  • Tour popup menus sometimes would act strangely

If you had any issues with the previous builds, you'll wanna grab the latest version for your device.

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