Pandora On BlackBerry!

Pandora got a little update recently, while only really minor in version number changes going from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3 the changes implemented are rather larger and more then welcomed especially for those who have had issues with WiFi and Pandora, as it was previously not officially supported. Change log is as follows:

  • Support for Wi-Fi on devices that have it (using a high quality AAC-HE stereo audio stream)
  • Bluetooth support (you can now explicitly enable it and disable it rather than relying on the default audio routing in the device)
  • Options screen (accessible from Station List menu) to select preferences for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (on wi-fi capable devices)
  • Support for the Nextel 8350i (only over Wi-Fi)
  • Keyboard shortcuts, including pause/play functionality using the mute key (even when Pandora is running in the background)
  • Focus cursor on Now Playing screen should be easier to control on trackball devices

Overall nice changes to see come forward. Now Pandora can we get working on your licensing model so that Canadian BlackBerry users can reap the benefits, pretty please with a CrackBerry on top!