It's a bit of a slow news day in the world of BlackBerry (other than @BlackBerry announcing Desktop Manager for Mac was available today, which was a mistake and in fact is not... d'oh!) and it has been a while since we've ran a post in our Berry-Free Talk blog post category, so I thought we'd bring you a look at the newest smartphone to be making a splash on the interwebs - the Palm Pixi Phone.

The Palm Pixi follows up the release of the Palm Pre, with the Pixi slotting in as the Centro of the new Palm and their line of next-gen devices that run the Palm Web OS. It's small, features a full front facing keyboard and is slated to come to Sprint (likely in time for the holidays). Dieter was on location to cover the event yesterday, and has a ton of info up at if you're interested in learning more. The video above goes through the hardware, and you can follow the links below to see, read and learn more.

In terms of where this stacks up to BlackBerry smartphones, I'd think of this as the head to head phone with the BlackBerry Curve 8530, when that rolls out to CDMA carriers. A little more entry level that makes some comprises, but a nice tight package overall. So what do you think? Does Palm have something here with the Pixi that appeals to you, or is it a thanks but no thanks type offering?