Pageonce Announces Reduced Pricing!

I love Pageonce, I really do. I gave you all the heads up on this great application before and thought we should take another look at it because their latest announcement is about the cost of Pageonce, which some of you out there felt was a little on the high side for what they were offering.

Set aside any of your previous thoughts on Pageonce due to its pricing because Pageonce is now cheaper then it was before. Previously the application cost $29.99 for their perpetual services or you had the option of paying $4.99/month. This has all changed now and it has changed for the better! It's now cheaper than before and we like that considering the economy is in the can at the moment!!

Customers can now sign up for only $9.99/year. If you have an existing account you will be automatically switched over and if you have the $29.99 package there is no charge at all. 

Finally, as an added bonus, anyone who had download the 14 day free trial and declined to continue due to the pricing can download it again for another 14 days and give it another go. Plenty of time to see if it's worth your hard earned cash now that it's cheaper. Also, be on the look out for version 3.0 which is well underway and should be seeing a release real soon. Thanks Pageonce for saving me some coin and keeping my life organized. My bill collectors thank you as well lol!!!!