PAC-MAN - Day 10 free gift during BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts

We have reached day 10 of BlackBerry's festive BlackBerry World giveaway - 25 Days of Gifts. With another 15 days to go I may have to do a little cleaning up to make some space. There has been a pretty good collection of freebies offered so far and I am certainly looking forward to what will be coming. So, excited that it's the first thing I check when I wake up each morning. You can check back on our original post to see the whole list so far, which we will updating each day.

Today's offering is PAC-MAN, a great classic and if you didn't pick it up when it first became available, there's no excuse not to snap it up now. It is available for the Z30, Z10, Q10 and Q5. You won't see the price change if you visit using the web, so use BlackBerry World on your device. If some of you are still seeing the previous day, you can do a search for PAC-MAN and it will be free. Or you can use the link below.

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