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BlackBerry 10
If there's one thing that most people agree on, it's that Research In Motion needs a new marketing plan for BlackBerry 10. While the #BeBold campaign isn't the worst we've ever seen, it's obviously geared more towards the Bold 9900 line and won't be relevant for the upcoming devices. Forums member Playbookjoe came up with a new campaign that is not only great for marketing the new devices, but possibly helping RIM save some face in light of recent circumstances. His idea centers around the lack of marketing from RIM over the last couple of years. Why not turn that around and "reshape the quietness that has happened into being something that was done on purpose"?

For example, a commercial:
"Remember when a small company created the smartphone and changed the way people communicate forever?"
[News clips (real or fake) about explosion of BlackBerry]
"They made billions of dollars and then disappeared - what were they doing?"
[Quick Multiple News clips of BlackBerry spending more money on R&D than anyone]
[News clip (probably fake) about how BB10 is a quantum leap or something]
[Quick flashes of bb10 hardware]
"Something is coming that will change everything."
As forum member pythons stated: "This is great idea and would certainly catch the attention of anyone watching it. It's also what RIM needs - a reminder that it WAS the first, was the top… and after its R&D is again on the top." It's certainly not a bad idea, and one that could help lay some excitement for the upcoming release of BlackBerry 10 devices for people that don't follow tech blogs. Let's face it, average users (meaning those who don't read CrackBerry or any of the other smartphone centered blogs out there) probably don't even know what BlackBerry 10 is or what to expect. It's time for Research In Motion to take control of their media image and instead of just reacting to what's said (or ignoring it completely) put forth the message they need to convey. Be proactive instead of reactive.

What do you think of Playbookjoe's marketing idea? Have any awesome ideas of your own to share? Leave them below or hop on over to the forums and join the conversation!

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