Jump Birdy Jump

You may remember quite a while back that we took a look at Jump Birdy Jump for BlackBerry 10. The Built for BlackBerry game from Ovogame was a big success, as were a few more of his games in the following months. 

The developer has quite a unique promotion going on right now. There is a forum thread for all the details but to cut a long story short - if you purchase Jump Birdy Jump (full version at $2.99), leave a review in BlackBerry World and email the developer you will be entitled to download all his other games for free - that's seven games for the price of one! 

Sounds pretty good to me. The developer is the same chap who has released the games Smiley's Pop and Frenzy Lanes, which we have covered here at CrackBerry. They're all top quality titles and there's no catch. 

Head on over to the forum and get full instructions on the special offer.