Outlook via USB sync coming to BlackBerry Link

If there has been a topic on the minds of BlackBerry Z10 owners that needs highlighting, it's the fact that the newly introduced BlackBerry Link which replaces BlackBerry Desktop Software for BlackBerry 10 devices, currently lacks the functionality to sync Outlook via USB.

Sure, there are ways to get it working similarly assuming you have an Outlook.com webmail account but that's not ideal and not what previous owners had access to. Previous BlackBerry owners want their desktop Outlook sync via USB and many, are wondering why the hell it was removed in the first place.

Luckily, BlackBerry has now commented on the matter and desktop synch via USB will be making its way to BlackBerry Link via an update that will include the ability to import contact and calendar information directly from Outlook to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone and another update shortly after that will bring full two-way sync.

With BlackBerry 10 the syncing of PIM data between your BlackBerry Z10 and computer can be easily configured to happen over the air.  You need to add your existing webmail accounts on the BlackBerry Z10 and set the email, contacts, calendar for syncing. We have posted information on how to do this for example with Outlook.com on the Help Blog.

For those of you for whom over the air synchronization is not an option, we want to assure you that direct sync via USB is also being worked on and we are committed on adding this capability as part of our BlackBerry Link software suite. Our first major update for BlackBerry Link coming in the next few weeks will include the ability to import contact and calendar information directly from Outlook to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Full two-way sync will be added in the next update shortly thereafter. We will provide more information about timing of these features on our various forums and blogs, but you can also look for updates at http://BlackBerry.com/BlackBerryLink

That of course, doesn't explain why it was removed in the first place but I suppose it will put those who are looking for the function and not having any luck minds at rest. Personally, I've never used the desktop synching option and always found it to be one of the reasons BlackBerry Desktop Software was slow as cold molasses running up a hill backwards in Winnipeg but clearly, a lot of folks enjoyed using it and for some it's a must-have offering.

Via: Berry Review

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