Yesterday BBM Channels left beta and was made available to everyone. Many users have already had months to play around with BBM Channels, but those of you who are just getting in on the fun may still be finding your way around. We're sure you're busy creating and subscribing to all kinds of channels, but we figured we'd help out a bit in the process.

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite BBM Channels. Theres a bit of a mix of everything so hopefully you can find something you like. 

Our Favorite BBM Channels

  • Geeks United - C00122408
  • Top Apps for BlackBerry 10 - C0001CF2D
  • The World of Pootermobile - C00016D75
  • Misadventures of a Comic Nerd - C000E21B6 
  • Geek Lite - C00123875 
  • InstaVenue - C00120DBB 
  • Heroes - C00076ADF 
  • BB10 HD Walls - C001A8BAD 
  • Entertainment News - C00111B35 
  • Doctor Who  - C000142A4 
  • BlackBerry Photography - C00016D81 
  • Official CrackBerry - C00012B19
  • ​Mercedes AMG Petronas - C00011785
  • Porsche Design - C00124597
  • The BBM Channel - C00124E76
  • Gearheads - C0003D4CC

You can also follow all of the CrackBerry writers if you want to keep up with our ongoings. 

If you have any GREAT channels you think are worthy of our list, be sure to drop a comment below. And no, the channel you made about your cat or needlepoint doesn't count as great, so don't spam the comments. If you try to promote your own channel and it's not amazing, you'll receive a good old fashioned flogging.