Hey CrackBerry Podcast fans! Sooo.... since we switched over our podcasting format from the old, multi-Skype dial-in setup to using Google Hangouts, we kind of dropped the ball on keeping the audio CrackBerry podcast feed up to date. The problem with Hangouts is that once you record the live video session, you have to rip the audio from it and reupload it, and well... everybody has just been so damn busy we forgot to do that for a while. Those of you that use a podcast app, iTunes or just want to listen to audio were out of luck for the last few shows.

It's all good podcast news today though as we've finally updated all of the podcasts to our feed for your listening pleasure. They should all be there now (from episode 98 up to 103) but if you're not seeing them yet just check back a bit later. Of course you can always check out the full video version of our live shows on our YouTube channel as well. Fair warning, there is some doom and gloom in those last few podcasts, but it's interesting to go back to listen to them as in retrospect we had a pretty good inkling in terms of what announcements did end up coming from BlackBerry this past week.

So again, thanks for the patience but rest assured we'll keep things up to date from here on out. If you do experience any issues with any of the shows or the feed itself, be sure to drop a comment here to let us know and we'll get it fixed up ASAP!