OtterBOX Contest Winners!

Here it is CrackBerry Nation... the winners announcement to our impromptu OtterBox Giveaway. We were originally going to give away three cases, but the good folks at OtterBox stepped in and had this to say:

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted to the contest, we are overwhelmed with the tremendous response!!! So...instead of just three, we're picking five lucky OtterBox BlackBerry case winners! Special thanks to the awesome CrackBerry team and of course Kevin for helping us pick the winners and for hosting this incredible contest. Winners and OtterBox enthusiasts be sure to share pics, videos and testimonials of your adventures at Planet OtterBox (! Happy OtterBoxing! 

Thanks OtterBox! Let's get onto it. Drum roll please... and the winners of a new BlackBerry OtterBox are..... 

ezyproductions, CalHiker, newkirk02, darknight_dk, and my3prez

Congrats to the winners! Picking them wasn't an easy task. There were hundreds of awesome entries (which took literally a couple hours to read)! As I read through I tried to select what I thought were the most deserving posts. Unfortunately, that didn't narrow it down by much as everybody had such good stories and reasoning as to why they deserved an OtterBox... so in the end it came down to lady luck. For those who didn't win, I have two things to say: 1. BUY AN OTTERBOX (some of you REALLY, REALLLY need them) and 2. VISIT CRACKBERRY.COM TOMORROW (trust me on this one).