If you're a BlackBerry developer who's working on some bbUI.js projects, the folks over at OpenSourceBB are hosting a contest that may interest you. They've gone ahead and announced the OSBBx bbUI.js contest. Entry is fairly simple, as noted below:

You might have heard of OSBBx, the new developer arm of OpenSourceBB. If you haven’t, you should check it out. OSBBx represents a new paradigm; taking advantage of RIM’s new dedication to open communication between RIM and devs, OSBBx is an effort to create a developer community with close ties to multiple RIM employees and departments, dedicated to providing developers with samples, tutorials, discussion forums, and other helpful information — all aimed to help developers create better BlackBerry apps.

As one of the first steps towards growing OSBBx, we’re introducing the OSBBx bbUI.js Contest.

  • Build an awesome app using bbUI.js, RIM’s Javascript framework (bbUI.js can be found in Github at https://github.com/blackberry/bbUI.js).
  • Enter your app in the OSBB bbUI.js Contest, which opens on September 1st.
  • Win cool swag!

You'll have to head on over to OpenSourceBB for the full details but it's a great chance to show off your work and potentially win some prizes. If you're developer, hit the source link below to get started.

Source: OpenSourceBB