OS Leaked for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!

Christmas is over but the presents keep coming! It seems CrackBerry Santa has leaked the latest OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 into the wild! Big thanks to BB397 for tipping us off on the link.

Storm owners wanting to have the latest OS for their device can now download OS for the 9530 Storm. This is NOT an official release, so install at your own risk and only if you're comfortable with doing so.

The word from those in the know is that this version just may have what it takes to become the next official release from Verizon, though that's not certain at this point. I haven't played with the OS too much just yet, but it definitely feels much improved, even over which leaked on the 19th. Some bugs have been fixed, the accelerometer action is definitely quicker and typing feels a bit more responsive. There's always room for improvement but this is getting there! You'll want to jump into our Storm OS forum for all of the details and findings surrounding this release. My opinion? This is what the Storm should have launched with. Definitely worth an install if you're a 9530 Storm owner.