Just a few hours after the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2 download became available, I had the chance this morning to get some interview time with one of the hardworking Product Managers on the PlayBook team, Research In Motion's Michael Clewley. Instead of doing the standard 'ole over the phone stuff, we kicked things up a notch and connected Waterloo to 'Peg City (aka Winnipeg) via the newly-updated Video Chat app on the PlayBook.

Above you can watch the 26 minute interview (written follow-up summary to come) in its entirety. I was going to edit this down shorter, but I know our CrackBerry Podcast fans would be mad if I did. We go through a lot of OS 2 topics during this one, starting off with the 5am EST launch time. i thought RIM just wanted to get me out of bed early this morning but it turns out they picked that time so they could launch globally on the same date. Smart.

From there we walk through some of the new features hitting the PlayBook in OS 2. We get some clarification on where PlayBook OS 2 sits along the road in the migration to BlackBerry 10. We talk about closing the app gap and the Android app experience on PlayBook OS 2. We get into PlayBook in the enterprise and we also talk about content on the PlayBook. We cover a lot, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show... err.. video chat!  

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