OS update files for all BlackBerry 10 devices now available

While BlackBerry has announced the official roll out of BlackBerry 10.3.2, there's already another OS available for download that's slightly higher than what BlackBerry is delivering officially. The 10.3.2 update officially arriving on BlackBerry 10 smartphones varies a bit, but the highest release appears to be OS (Software version but savvy users looking to live a little bit on the edge can opt to install OS as the files have now been posted in the CrackBerry Forums for download.

Given the nature of the files, it still has to be treated like a leak in the fact that you assume all responsibility should you decide to load it up. The core OS, debrick and radio files are available for those who wish to build their own autoloaders and if you're not keen on doing that, well, there's a few autoloaders already available as well. As for changes, they're pretty much on par with the official 10.3.2.

Download for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones