OS update files now available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones

If you're among those who simply must have the latest OS, even if it means loading it through some unconventional ways, you'll be pleased to know that OS update files are now available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones including the technically not yet available BlackBerry Leap. Autoloaders for the files have yet to be created but given all the needed files are available for them to be created, you can either make your own or wait for someone else to build them.

Alternatively, you can also just go ahead and directly update your device using Sachesi if you really want to jump right in. All the findings and fixes for this release are, of course, not yet known as it is fresh off the servers, but there is a findings and fixes thread already created that will surely grow with user feedback. Although it can't really be classified as 'leak' per se, it does have to be treated like one and as such, you assume all risk in loading this. Don't blame us if you break you stuff.

PS: There is a good chance a higher OS could also be arriving soon, grain of salt. You either download these or wait it out and see. Up to you. It has happened in the past so, it's entirely possible.

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