BlackBerry Passport

September 24 marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of the BlackBerry Passport. Since then, the BlackBerry Passport has been released in several different colors including black, red, white as well as a special limited edition gold and black version. If that's not enough, AT&T went ahead and released their own variation of the device and BlackBerry has since released their own improved version by way of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, which arguably is the best version of the Passport available to-date.

While even BlackBerry CEO John Chen says none of the BlackBerry 10 devices have been a runaway success, there's no doubt that the BlackBerry Passport has become a standout device among the CrackBerry community even though people weren't really keen on it at the beginning. At this point, with the news of the BlackBerry Priv taking over, it's questionable whether or not we'll see an updated version of the BlackBerry Passport released. I really hope we do, after all, it has been spotted running Android previously but if you had to build out your vision for the next BlackBerry Passport, what would it look like? How would change the original?