OrganizeMe! for the BlackBerry PlayBook allows you to keep yourself organized even in the most hectic of times. When we took a look at the application about a month ago, there were a few features missing, and some issues with the application's overall performance. Today I wanted to reintroduce you to the all-new OrganizeMe! for the BlackBerry PlayBook. OrganizeMe! was updated earlier this month but I wanted to give it a few weeks before I wrote this post. I wanted to make sure the update was all it can be, and it is!

New features in OrganizeMe! v2.1

  • new: ability to create and modify items in offline mode!
  • new: now uses delta sync instead of full sync every time!
  • new: no more automatic syncs after creating an object locally
  • new: it's finally possible to upload images as attachments as well as
  • other files!
  • new: new sync dialog
  • new: move checklist items up and down! (tap and hold a checklist item)
  • new: redesigned dialog to add checklist items! you can now add multiple items at once!
  • new: done state of task objects can now be toggled without editing the object -> directly in the detail view!
  • new: reworked display of photo objects
  • new: added better error handling when Springpad servers are unavailable
  • ew: changed the look of the dialogs
  • optimized: handling and performance of multi line text boxes
  • optimized: search performance
  • bugfix: currently open item gets updated and not closed after sync
  • bugfix: sharing items should now work again
  • bugfix: links inside notes are clickable and work as expected
  • and many other bugfixes

As you can see the developer has been hard at work to update the application and address the original concerns I had with the application. If building lists, and keeping your life organized, is a priority for you, you'll definitely want to check out the latest version. OrganizeMe! for the BlackBerry PlayBook can be found in BlackBerry World for only $2.99.

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