Many Notes for the BlackBerry PlayBook

If the absence of a note taking application on your BlackBerry PlayBook has you searching though App World for an alternative, you may want to take a look at Many Notes from developer Many Notes combines your typical note taking application with the organization of a bulletin board, allowing you to create notes and move them around on the screen and put them into groups, or just go all crazy and scatter them every which way. It’s truly up to you.


  • Auto-save & Fast Entry
  • Drag & Drop organization
  • Copy & Paste  
  • Predictive-text & Spellcheck  
  • Portait & Landscape  
  • Expansive canvas  
  • Add & Delete notes  
  • Make notes wider and longer  
  • No titles, tagging, manual saving, or anything else to slow you down!

One of the cool features of Many Notes is that you never need to save a note; it’s all done in the background automatically. Many Notes is available in BlackBerry App World and retails for $2.99. It's a great alternative to the Bridge note taking application that requires you to have a BlackBerry connected.

For more information / download Many Notes