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As a commuter I need to keep the train and bus schedules handy. When the bus broke down last week though I was all out. So I whipped out my PlayBook, fired up Wi-Fi, and went to the site. Thing is the schedule could only be downloaded not viewed. I quickly realized that there's just one teeny, tiny thing wrong with this scenario: no file explorer. Rather than risk dropping my precious tablet trying to bridge I picked up File Browser by Aftab. It's chock full of features to help you navigate through all the files and folders on your PlayBook and your BlackBerry's SD Card. Click on the jump for more information and screenshots.

In a nutshell this is an incredible fully functioning file manager. You can move, drop, rename, create, and zip files and folders on your PlayBook and BlackBerry. The interface is easy to use and lets users to toggle between thumbnail (tile) view and the more colorful and easier to read list view with file information details.

What's cool about File Browser is that it shows you the file tree/path for better navigation through the system. Each one can be clicked on to move backwards or you can tap the side arrows if you delved too deep within a directory. Otherwise just tap the home icon to return to the main directory. The only thing it can't do is modify the existing directories on your PlayBook as they are locked. New folders must be created as subfolders of existing ones.

In terms of functionality, files can be launched with their associated programs directly from the app itself. Browsing is flawless so you can open a word file and then with a few taps open a music file. It's smooth, fast, and gets the job done. It even includes FTP integration to download and upload files. 

With full access to your SD card files can be opened and manipulated as well when bridged. I found its best to use selection mode to copy and paste music and video files from your device to the PlayBook for optimal performance. Although I must warn you the connection can sometimes be slow when accessing the SD card.  Lag aside, I've experienced no issues when transferring items between the two devices.

In my opinion File Browser is a great application to enhance the native QNX system. The less time spent bridging and plugging into a PC only helps me work faster and happier. It has a lot of potential and future updates will bring search, password protection, and the ability to hide files. At only $0.99 you can't go wrong.

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File Browser List View
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