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As an office drone I don't always have the opportunity to head out for lunch. Sometimes I'm literally tethered to my desk (pun intended). To abate those hunger pains sometimes ordering takeout is the only available option. My co-workers and I are frequent users of SeamlessWeb. It's a great way to order food from local restaurants and schedule for delivery or pickup. If you have a hectic schedule, now you can place an order from anywhere right from your device. 

The SeamlessWeb app uses your GPS to locate participating restaurants in your local area. The app displays their full menu choices, shows you the minimum needed for delivery, lists the estimated delivery time, and lets you check out with your credit card. You can even add a discount promotion code. Currently it's only available for those with personal accounts not corporate.

The interface is pretty quick with no discernible lag. Browsing through menus and food choices is no trouble at all. Just click on your meal, add to cart, insert any special instructions, enter a delivery address, and that's all there is to it. You'll need to create a free account to place an order which can be done directly within the app itself.


  • Choose to have your meal delivered or pick it up!
  • Use GPS location, enter your delivery or pickup address, or log-in to your account to select a saved address
  • Browse or search for restaurants that are open when you want to order
  • Choose a restaurant based on member ratings, estimated delivery/ready times, and more
  • Re-order favorite meals in just a few quick clicks
  • Add special instructions for food preparation on any item
  • Check out securely using your credit card-no cash required (even for tip!)

The only downside is it's only available in 14 cities: New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn), New York Metro (Hoboken, Jersey City, Stamford, Greenwich), Washington DC, DC Metro (Arlington, Bethesda, Chevy Chase), and select areas within San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. While coverage is limited they are looking to expand to new areas.

SeamlessWeb Food Delivery is available for all GPS enabled devices with OS 4.5 or higher. Most importantly it's free to download.

More information / download at BlackBerry App World

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