Order on the go with Shopping for Amazon

From the developer of Shopping for eBay, we also now have Shopping for Amazon. As the name suggests it's an app that allows you to shop around Amazon. We don't have an official Amazon app available but that's where our developer community jumps in to provide us with third party options. Of course, you can use the BlackBerry 10 browser but with an app, specifically Shopping for Amazon, you can get a few extras.

Shopping for Amazon supports a long list of Amazon stores, it's just a case of choosing your preference from the dropdown menu right at the top of the app. The app does present you with a mobile view of the Amazon store but there's a shortcut to deals which is convenient. You also have 'back' and 'previous' icons along the bottom to help with navigation. If you find anything interesting you can share items too. Shopping for Amazon uses the native BlackBerry 10 share options.

Shopping for Amazon Main screen  Shopping for Amazon Deals option  Shopping for Amazon overflow menu

If you're into Active Frames, Shopping for Amazon also has an Active Frame that shows your recent searches, just to remind you of things you may want to follow through and purchase.

Shopping for Amazon features:

  • Available for all BlackBerry 10 devices
  • Browse different worldwide Amazon stores
  • Dedicated tab for daily deals
  • Easy social sharing via the native share card (BBM, SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, NFC, Skype, WhatsApp & more!)
  • Integrated to the BlackBerry 10 Extended Search, simply search from your homescreen and the search will open within the app -Native search bar for instant searching across the whole Amazon platform
  • Login once: remembers your login
  • Recent searches displayed on your active frame, so you know what your last searches were
  • Simple mobile shopping experience
  • URL invocation, found an Amazon link somewhere across the BlackBerry 10 OS? Simply press & hold, click 'Open In...' and select 'Shopping For Amazon' from the list to be able to open Amazon links within the app
  • Viewable in both portrait and landscape orientations

Shopping for Amazon is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. It is free to download and does include ads. You can get rid of the ads via an in-app purchase which costs $0.99.

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