When it comes to weather apps these days there's certainly no shortage of them available in BlackBerry World. Of course, my favorite weather app is just simply looking out the window but if you're looking for a bit more than that, the latest from Innovatology may pique your interest. They've recently released Orbit and Orbit is essentially a virtual earth, weather app and world clock app all combined into one beautiful package that is quite full of features.

  • Orbit contains a 3D model of Earth and the Sun. It displays a brilliant view of our planet from space, including up-to-date cloud cover and city lights. Fly around the planet, zoom in and out, head north or south to see the poles. The position of the earth relative to the sun is scientifically accurate, showing correct sunrise, sunset and angles throughout the year. Tweak the view by adjusting sunlight, moonlight and more.
  • Show your favorite cities, including a world clock with time zones. Add cities by name, then just tap to go there. Of course, Daylight Saving Time (summer-time) is automatically taken into account.
  • Get the latest weather conditions with sleek weather icons of 1700+ major cities. Get a 10-day weather forecast from ECMWF, the most accurate weather service in the world. The scrolling forecast chart shows temperature and rainfall in one easy-to-understand infographic. Choose your favorite units of measurements.
  • Tweak your view of our planet with the handy sliders. Fine-tune sunlight, moonlight, cloud transparency and color saturation. You can also choose a 12 or 24-hour clock and change your units for temperature, pressure, rainfall and wind speed.

In my time spent with Orbit, I can only say it's quite beautiful to play around with. I found myself looking up weather in different areas just to see the interactivity with the Earth displayed in the app. A bit of a novelty for me I suppose as it's just plain cool but if you're really looking for a weather app to check, Orbit is a pretty easy suggestion to make.

For some though, the $2.99 price point may be a cause for concern so make sure you check out the video to get a better look at the offering. Orbit is available now in BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10 devices, in all countries on all carriers.

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