Back in August, we saw the release of an app called Orbit - the 3D weather app and world clock. It is quite a joy to use Orbit, it is visually stunning and you can have oodles of fun exploring what the weather is like in different parts of the world. I must admit it's not my go to weather app but every now and then I'll open up Orbit for the awesome effect of checking out the weather. 

Orbit has now been updated to v1.1 and with it comes a lot of new features:

  • Our astronauts have installed new satellite optics, giving you a 4x sharper image of the planet. We have also enhanced way we draw the earth with some advanced illumination techniques and Hollywood special effects. You can almost feel the ridges of the mountains, the sand of the deserts and the leaves in the rainforests under your finger. The ice in Greenland looks almost good enough to eat
  • We've added 136.000 more cities, including local forecasts and current conditions where available. Tap the search button and enter part of the location name. Then tap the "Search Online" button. Long place names are handled more intelligently too, and we also search alternate and localized spellings
  • Orbit now has an active frame (window cover) that displays the weather and time for the currently selected location. It updates automatically, and we've made sure your battery is used as economically as possible
  • Want to share Orbit with your friends? Tap the Share button to share your current view via BBM, Facebook, Twitter and more!
  • The adjustment panel has had a redesign with funky new rotary controls - much easier for 1-handed operation
  • Some users were a little confused by the retrograde orbit of our satellite, thinking the earth was spinning the wrong way. We made the orbit configurable via the Settings screen
  • Support the new BlackBerry Z30, BB10 10.2, have fixed various minor bugs, and have made many performance improvements

If you haven't checked out Orbit, it is available to download from BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10 devices. It will cost you $2.99.

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