Orange Quick Tap Treats 

Treats are always nice, especially in the form of food, so I definitely welcome Orange UK's offer of Quick Tap Treats. It makes use of the NFC feature of your BlackBerry smartphone and the first of its kind in the UK. Orange have partnered with EAT, the restaurant chain, to give a free treat everyday from coffee to a breakfast bacon to a ham & cheese baguette. To avail of the offer you will need an NFC enabled device and the Quick Tap Treats app. Pop into your nearest EAT outlet and tap on the NFC-tagged posters to get your free treat.

So far the list of treats is as follows: 

  • Free Ham & Cheese Baguette
  • Free Small Coffee
  • Free Porridge
  • Free Fruit
  • Hot Drinks Upgrade (small to big)
  • Free Mash & Gravy with any Pie purchase
  • Breakfast Bacon upgrade (small to big)
  • Soup Upgrade (small to big) 

It launches in March and will run until Summer 2012. The app will become available soon. It is certainly something I will be trying out once it launches.

Visit the Orange website for more information