Orange UK 9320

Whilst the BlackBerry Curve 9320 may not yet be in stock at Orange UK, the network must have high expectations for the new 'budget' BlackBerry as their contract prices start way below the competition. Currently we do not have all the options available, but the Orange UK press office has confirmed to me that users will be able to pick up the Curve 9320 from free on a £10.50 per month two year contract. I'm taking a guess and saying that this package more than likely consists of about 50 inclusive minutes and maybe some SMS as well as the BlackBerry Internet Service. (Great for the kids)

Not only are Orange making the device extremely attractive to new customers, but this should also retain their current 8520/9300 users who are due an upgrade.

Although Orange and T-Mobile come under the 'Everything Everywhere' banner it strikes me as a little odd that the 'cheapest' Orange deal is £5 a month cheaper than with T-Mobile. Nice work Orange.

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