T-Mobile Orange

Starting today, Orange and T-Mobile enable customers to opt-in to roaming between each other's network following a joint venture by the two called Everything Everywhere earlier this year. Currently the service applies to the 2G network only but allows for voice and text communication on both networks. By sharing networks, Orange and T-Mobile create a single, large network infrastructure consisting of over 30 million subscribers allowing the UK to pick up signal in locations that previously had no service.

Orange and T-Mobile advise that customers can safely ignore roaming indicators or warnings on their mobile phones, as long as they are within the boundaries of the UK. As such, no extra cost is associated and customers continue to be charged cross-network rates to call the other network. Any CrackBerry readers on either Orange or T-Mobile? Voice your opinions or success stories in the comments below!

More Information for Orange customers and for T-Mobile customers.