BlackBerry Ghost Pro

Although the BlackBerry 'Ghost' and 'Ghost Pro' have appeared in leaks, some additional confirmation of their eventual arrival has now been confirmed by BlackBerry licensee Optiemus by way of Hardip Singh, Executive Director at Optiemus in an interview given to Digit.

We are going to come out with a whole range of models starting with two this quarter. And during the year, we have more models planned out in the coming quarters. We have a strong pipeline of models which we will be bringing in, and they will be at various price points.

Although the specs of the 'Ghost' and 'Ghost Pro' have not been revealed, the price points were questioned by Digit given current pricing of Android phones in India, with Singh noting:

You cannot analyse a BlackBerry device based solely on the specs. We feel that the specs that we are putting into the phone are optimum for it. You cannot single out a specific hardware choice and state the device is overpriced. It doesn't work like that. BlackBerry, being BlackBerry will always fetch a premium.

Interestingly, Singh never mentioned anything about working on their line of BlackBerry branded accessories that we saw pop up recently. Still, while the 'news' of two new devices coming isn't exactly shocking given the leaks, getting some confirmation on the ETA for those devices is worth the read. Now, we have to be on the lookout through April, May and, June.