Opera Mini 5 Beta Launched!

Just the other day we reported Opera Mini 5 may be coming soon to your BlackBerry and turns out soon, meant really soon. As of now you can grab the new version from the Opera web site (visit m.opera.com/next from your berry's browser) and check out all the new features within Opera Mini 5 Beta. Rather then me talking about how great or bad it is at this point, it's probably best if you just download it and check it out for yourselves and make the determination on how you personally feel about it. But just to give you all an idea of what to expect here is a quick list of what's new.

  • Tabbed browsing-Browse several Web sites at the same time. Jump easily from one to another.
  • Speed dial-Your favourite sites are just one click away. (Similar To Safari's new UI)
  • Touch & Keypad-The interface optimizes the display for both touchscreen and keypad phones.
  • Password manager-Log on to your email, social network and other sites with just one click.

I'm positive you all will find many other new features not really mentioned so sound off in the comments. Let us know what you think about the new Opera Mini 5 Beta, especially all you Storm owners out there considering the forums are filling up with people saying it will not work with their Storm. I find this rather odd since all the promo material used at this point shows it working on a BlackBerry Storm, most users would expect if the images used are that of the Storm -- it would work on it right?