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[This letter was sent into us courtesy of BlackBerry PlayBook developers Brian and Mark. Together they have teamed up to form MZC Enterprises and wrote in to share their experience developing for BlackBerry. Just an all around good read on the ease and benefits of developing for the BlackBerry platform.]

Dear CrackBerry,

We wanted to write you this letter to show our appreciation for all your help and inspiration in starting our own company, MZC Enterprises LLC. Your website has helped us out since the beginning and throughout the entire process. Your articles have inspired us and turned us into die hard BlackBerry fans. This letter was written, first to thank you for everything your website has done, but also to encourage other people to become entrepreneurs like ourselves. We want to show other people how easy it is to become a BlackBerry developer with just a little programming background. Let us begin by telling you our story.

It all started back in October 2010 like any other day, reading articles on CrackBerry, when I came across a very interesting article. The article was titled "Free BlackBerry PlayBook for developers who have their app accepted on AppWorld" written by Bla1ze. Once I read the article and researched more about the offer RIM was running to get people to write apps, I was sold. I sent my buddy a BBM with the link to the article, which of course he had already read, and said we have to do this. I had already planned on getting a PlayBook the day it was released from reading all the articles on your website, but a free one, how can you go wrong? So we looked into it more using the link Bla1ze provided in the article. This brought us right to RIM's website about getting started, and they provided everything we needed to begin developing for BlackBerry.

We then created a company, MZC Enterprises LLC, and began programming. Our first application was "Table of Elements". This is an easy to use periodic table that is packed with all the information you would ever need. Throughout the process of programming, your website had many great articles that helped us along the way. One article that was extremely helpful was an article written about the BlackBerry Developer's Forum. This is by far the most helpful forum for developers on the internet. The forum is full of very knowledgeable and experienced developers that are more than happy to help out with problems you may run into. During the whole development process you guys at CrackBerry played a significant role in keeping us up to date with BlackBerry and the PlayBook.

We then finished our first application, "Table of Elements". It took us about two months to design and build. We were looking to create a full featured application that looks great and functions perfectly. We believe that we have succeeded in our goals. "Table of Elements" definitely performs with high standards. The application is intuitively easy to use by simply clicking an element in the table and viewing all its properties within the same window without an internet connection. For the cases where even more information is desired, a More Info link is provided to open the Wikipedia page for the corresponding element. We've also included extra information that would be very helpful while using the periodic table, such as formulas, rules, and conversions. Anyone involved in the chemistry field, or taking classes where the periodic table is needed, can unquestionably use "Table of Elements" as their reference tool.

We have now released our second application, just a few days ago. This app is called "Dart Scorer Pro", and is a simple to use tool for scoring dart games. We once again held high standards and values in releasing only quality applications; and "Dart Scorer Pro" delivers as well. The app allows anyone to score dart games such as cricket and '01 games. We've designed it so that the user only has to input where their darts hit on the dartboard by clicking the corresponding spots on the app's dartboard and all of the scoring and math is done for you, dynamically and in the background. The app becomes the perfect tool allowing you to focus on actually playing the game without the need for paper and a calculator. The need to create easy, user-friendly, and intuitive apps is a value we hold high and will continue to deliver.

We have had a great experience programming for the BlackBerry platform and would encourage anyone else to give it a shot. With all the help RIM provides, as well as sites like CrackBerry providing up to date information, getting started is easier than most would think. We at MZC Enterprises LLC are happy we began this venture and look forward to continuing to provide quality applications for a quality platform; the BlackBerry PlayBook. The desire has always been there for us, but through the inspiration CrackBerry and RIM provided, taking the leap to start out was easier than either of us thought. Again, we at MZC Enterprises LLC would like to thank CrackBerry for giving us the inspiration to get started and for all you've done for the entire BlackBerry community.


MZC Enterprises LLC
Mark Zaremba CEO, Lead Developer
Brian McPeek COO, Developer

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