Update: So we're waiting for some further confirmation as to actually which existing device models will be able to take advantage of the new Open GL ES support. Storm2 for sure, and we think the 8530 (devices using the latest Qualcomm Chipsets), but we're not 100% sure what the scoop is here. Stay tuned!

One of the most frequently asked questions by both BlackBerry developers and owners over the past couple of years is When is 3D graphic support coming to BlackBerry? That question need not be asked anymore as today Research in Motion announced Open GL ES Support for BlackBerry. Furthermore, they showed it in action via a live demo at the opening keynote of the second annual BlackBerry Developer Conference.

Be sure to watch the video above of a BlackBerry Storm2 running EA Mobile's Need for Speed Shift. We were on location in San Francisco to catch this BlackBerry milestone live. Pure Wicked. Let's hope we see a TON of awesome new games take advantage of this and roll out soon. The Open GL ES support won't just be for the Storm2, but for devices running the 5.0 platform (not necessarily all). Read the press release for more details! Excited much?! I know I am!!

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