Love first-person shooter games? Check out Open Arena for BlackBerry 10

Growing up in the days when Doom was popular I was eager to see how this would play on my BlackBerry Passport when it arrived in BlackBerry World. Based on the Quake series of games, in this case, the Quake 3 game engine, the goal is to frag or kill, enemy players to score points by completing different objectives.

Each of the matches happen in an arena and include such objectives as deathmatch (or free for all), capture the flag, and domination mode. Of course, you have to accomplish this all why avoiding the various obstacles and other players who will frag you first.

Open Arena offers 50 maps, 20 weapons and 12 multiplayer modes (LAN or on Internet). Now that we are familiar with what the game offers it's time to get down to gameplay. Being able to play this on the Passport is even better.

When you first launch the game you can choose from single player and multiplayer mode. There are also settings so that players can choose their avatar, and adjust the effects, and various game options. Once that is done you simply choose your level of difficulty and enter the arena.

Being that I haven't played an FPS in quite a while, it took a bit getting used to the touchscreen control modes. For instance, to rotate the angle simply swipe anywhere on the screen and if you choose to view the onscreen controls the joystick is the translucent circle on the left-hand side to move forward while the other colored circles on the right allow players to jump and fire. When they are hidden from view the controls remain in the same areas of the screen.

If you are looking for a great game for your BlackBerry Passport, Classic, Leap, Z10, Z30, and Z3 this is beautifully put together with seamless controls and gameplay. You can purchase it for $4.99 for BlackBerry 10 and be sure to check out the video below.

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