BlackBerry Storm 9550 Best Buy

Gotta love our CrackBerry community. Member zachslusser just got home from his local Best Buy, where on the way he out he spotted the new Best Buy Catalogue that's to come out on October 25th sitting in a box behind the counter and grabbed it as a parting gift. Nicely done :)

Inside is a photo and blurb about the BlackBerry Storm 9550. No pricing or availability are listed, which makes sense since this catalogue probably finalized for press before RIM even announced the new Storm, though it would have been nice if somebody could have tipped Best Buy off earlier that it was to be called the BlackBerry Storm2. After typing Storm2 so many times over the past week, it just seems wrong to see BlackBerry Storm 9550 written without the 2 anymore. More images at the link below. Thanks zachslusser!

PS. Dear Verizon. Puhleaze announce the BlackBerry Storm2 already. You're giving me an ulcer.