Google's CEO Uses a BlackBerry

D'oh! Once a BlackBerry Addict, ALWAYS a BlackBerry Addict. It seems Google's CEO Eric Schmidt was recently caught on camera at the Allen & Co Media Summit in Sun Valley using, you guessed it, a BlackBerry!

Now I can't say that I blame him for using a BlackBerry... and I guess he could get away with the excuse of beta testing the new Google Connector for BES or trialing an upcoming version of Google Maps for BlackBerry but when you're trying to make a new platform like Android gain traction in the market place it doesn't really make sense for the CEO of the company to be using the competition. I'd argue this is more of a I can't get through the day without my BlackBerry thing. At least he put a Google sticker on the device. Or hey, let's think big... maybe RIM is building Google some hardware that runs the Android platform?! 

That all said, I say big props to Eric Schmidt... though I'm not sure the folks at AndroidCentral will ever forgive you. :)

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