With the holiday weekend coming up we just wanted to give a quick reminder that you only have until tomorrow, August 31st at midnight to enter to win a new BlackBerry Z30. We have tons of comments already but I'm pretty sure that we can hit the 10k mark before the contest deadline. 

We haven't really heard anything new on the Z30 front over the last week or two but there isn't really much left to know either. We've seen it on the outside and inside on plenty of occasions so unless someone at BlackBerry is the greatest magician of them all, there won't be too many surprises come launch day. Speaking of launch day - no official date has been set for the release but whoever is lucky enough to win our contest will get an IOU from me for a new Z30 and we'll get it shipped out as soon as it's released.

So if you haven't already, head over to the original contest post and get your comment in for a chance to win.