Follow CrackBerry in August for a Chance to Win These Awesome Prizes...

BlueAnt S4

BlueAnt V1

Blueant Q1

 Blueant S4 Speakerphone  Blueant V1  Blueant Q1
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You gotta love the Ongoing Follow CrackBerry Contest... you get a chance to win great prizes each month just for following CrackBerry on youtube, twitter and facebook!

For the month of August, each of our three winners is taking home an awesome prize, either a Blueant S4, Blueant V1 or Blueant Q1 depending on which social site they were following us on. July's lucky winners are.... scresistor (youtube), irishstephen (twitter), Richard Garrison (facebook). Congrats winners! We'll shoot you a message through each of these sites to notify you about your winning or you can also shoot us an email to sitesupport @ if you're reading this year and want to collect your loot asap. :)

August's Awesome Prizes:  We're mixing up the prizes so you'll want to make sure you're following us on all of youtube, twitter and facebook so you get a shot of winning all three:

  • Youtube: Blueant S4 Speakerphone
  • Twitter: Blueant V1 Bluetooth Headset
  • Facebook: Blueant Q1 Bluetooth Headset

Wicked prizes hey? Visit the follow crackberry contest page for full details.