Have you ever had the problem where someone asks you to use your phone but you don't want to let them because you just know they might start flipping through its contents? Perhaps you often hand off your phone to a child to watch videos but don't want them to be able to access anything else? Maybe you just have an app you want to show off but not allow anyone to browse the rest of your phone. If so, the latest app from CellNinja called One App is just what you need.

One App from CellNinja helps add an additional layer of security to your phone

One App, at its core, helps add an additional layer of security to your phone by giving you the ability to lock your phone into any one app. Once initiated, there's no way to exit out of whatever app it has been set to. This way, you're then free to hand your phone off to whomever you wish without fear they'll take any unwanted actions on your phone. To exit out of an app, when locked into it, you just have to shut the display off and on and a notification will pop up prompting you to input the password in order to disable One App.

Additionally, One App runs headless, so even if someone does manage to close the app, it will continue work. In my testing, the only way to disable One App other than the intended way, was soft reset my device, which involves holding down the power button, volume up and volume down. A bit of a tricky task if you're a child or someone not familiar with that process. One App is live right now in BlackBerry World and is available as a free download, so go ahead and give it a go should have a need for it.

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