Official Wordpress BlackBerry App Confirmed!

I have spoke about this before once or twice before mainly because I think with the amount of blog owners that just happen to be BlackBerry owners as well, this would be a great application if done right. Well, it seems part of my hopes and dreams for this app becoming a reality are that much closer as Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of Wordpress has confirmed at WordCamp in San Francisco during his “State of the Word” presentation that a "new Blackberry App [will] be released soon."

With those few words, my heart just grew bigger for Wordpress, but all is not rosy as of yet. Wordpress has an iPhone app which was part of my frustration and curiousity as to why a BlackBerry version did not exist. Now that we have confirmation, I hope the developers will take it to the next level and make it functional as it should be. In the meantime, I'll continue to use work around solutions such a Mobile Press, vPost and BlogLive. Gotta be some bloggers out there. What do you use for Mobile blogging and are you excited for a Wordpress application?

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