Verizon Tour PTT/OS Update

Since all of this Push to Talk on Verizon chatter came up, I've been on a bit of a crusade trying to sort out the details and just what exactly it means for Tour users. Our latest bit of information leads us to believe that come March 30th (the release date of PTT for the 9630), Verizon may finally be dropping the loooooong overdue 5.0 OS update. According to the above screencap, PTT will only work on OS 5.0 - which is not the default Tour OS. We can only assume that this means Verizon will be officially releasing OS 5.0 to coincide with the PTT release (if not then they really have it out for Tour users). No details on just what version it will be, but it appears it should be available as an OTA update for users on as well as a desktop install for anyone running other OS versions.