OS4.6 Features & Enhancements

The ever-observant eyes of Ronen caught this recently-updated BlackBerry Knowledgebase article that lists all of the operating system features and enhancements present on BBOS version 4.6, which ships native on the BlackBerry Bold. Past reviews and articles have caught the majority of new features, but this article puts them all together in one place and offers up a few more goodies that have been overlooked previously. Here's the quick list:

  • Switch to a paired Bluetooth device during a call
  • New music icon on Homescreen for direct access to playlists
  • New clock application - multiple faces, features alarm, timer, stopwatch
  • LOTS of multimedia and web browser enhancements
  • Setup wizard reminder (annoying!)
  • Unique icons for meeting requests in message list
  • New Shortcuts: On Full QWERTY, Hold down A to lock phone and Q to toggle to Vibrate profile
  • Spell checking while you type
  • Enhanced SMS user interface
  • Support for reverse contrast and enhanced icon discovery
  • Delete apps from the homescreen!!!
  • And new integrated folders
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