Belt clip holsters get a bad rap for being dorky, but their utility really can't be put into question. You get all of the convenience of being able to access your BlackBerry immediately without having to pry it out of your pants pocket, or jangling around loose in a bag or coat pocket with any number of things that might scratch the screen. The leather Z10 holster follows a long line of high-quality official BlackBerry accessories, though a few new design elements keep things fresh. 

In terms of style, it's hard to argue with leather, but there are a few other subtle touches that make this holster particularly fetching. For one, the angled, off-center clasp is very sharp. There's a really neat touch on the right side. Some solid red stitching sticks out from the black, emulating BlackBerry's classic red LED light. While this is a really nice touch, I've that it has, on occasion, set off my twitch reaction to getting a new message. The interior is a straightforward grey fabric; it's soft and bound to protect against scratches, but nothing fancy. On the front face, you'll find an embossed BlackBerry logo. It's certainly pronounced, but not a big deal when viewed from afar. 

As for function, you've got visibility of the LED if the Z10 is flipped one way, and access to the 3.5 mm headphone jack if flipped the other. Unfortunately, you can't get both at once. If you want to hit the volume down key, you'll have to do it through the holster (which is entirely doable. After using the holster again for awhile, I've started to miss some of the behaviour that was baked into the legacy BlackBerry software, like different notification profiles when tucked away. The BlackBerry Z10 leather holster sports a heavy-duty belt clip that rotates a full 360 degrees, while the top magnetic clasp keeps your device nice and secure.

Though holster die-hards are far and few between now, especially with a plethora of cases available to handle protection, there's still a certain charm to the idea. People who are well and truly a part of the "keep moving" lifestyle will appreciate what a holster has to offer, and the official BlackBerry model is a fine place to start. So, who here is still rocking a holster?

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