One of the many BlackBerry-banded accessories that launched alongside the BlackBerry Q10 was the official BlackBerry Hard Shell Case. Despite the name, the entire edge which circles the device is made of soft rubber, which adds solid grip compared to the relatively glossy rear. The hardware keys remain fully covered (though accessible), and every port has breathing room: the two secondary mics on top, the one on the bottom, the bottom speaker port, micro HDMI and micro USB. 

The seam between the hard plastic and soft rubber lines up perfectly with the battery door seam on the device itself, which you can see through the port holes. At a distance, this makes it hard to tell where the case starts and the device begins, which is a subtle but important addition. The rear shell is covered with small, shallow bumps which smooth out just before the case curves outwards. The light texture is almost ticklish to the touch, and certainly more interesting than the smooth, matte finish on the black Q10.

BlackBerry Q10 official hard shell

Those that are particularly proud of their BlackBerry fandom will be happy to see the logo remaining intact on the rear. NFC works perfectly fine through the case, so no worries there. White and black versions are available, depending on which model of the Q10 you end up grabbing. The inside of the case doesn't have much in the way of additional padding, so if you're looking for heavy-duty impact protection, you'll be better served by a bulkier case. Even with something this size, I would have liked to see the rim raised just a little bit more; this makes it easy to flip your phone face-down without any concerns. 

Totally awesome CB sticker not included :)

The BlackBerry Q10 hard shell is very well-balanced in that it offers a solid level of baseline protection, full access to all of the device's important bits, a relatively slim profile, and an adherence to the device's style that only the original manufacturer could achieve. If you want to have a case ready to go for when your Q10 comes in the mail, you can order one of these hard shells from CrackBerry Canada right now.

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