When the BlackBerry KEY2 was announced, naturally there were some accessories announced along with it but getting your hands on either the KEY2 Flip Case or Soft Shell has proven to be a bit difficult as not a lot of retailers have them. Blueshop, however, has both the KEY2 Flip Case and Soft Shell in stock right now and ready for shipping to you!


BlackBerry KEY2 FlipCase

The FlipCase for the BlackBerry KEY2 offers full-coverage from drops, dings, and scratches plus it features a double card holder for credit cards, business cards, and more. Additionally, where it's made of leather, that keeps it NFC friendly. And let's be honest, that BlackBerry logo looks dope on the case itself.

  • Crafted from genuine textured leather
  • Full-coverage design and a superior microfiber lining securely protects your phone in style
  • A double card holder keeps your items accessible and safe
  • NFC-friendly

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Soft Shell

BlackBerry KEY2 soft shell case

Looking to keep things basic but still have some protection on your KEY2? The soft shell is perfect for that as it keeps the bulk to a minimum and features a soft-touch finish, is NFC friendly and can handle drops and dings on the corners and back of your KEY2.

  • Fashioned from soft-touch, non-slip silicone that feels great in the hand
  • Securely fits your phone without added bulkiness
  • Reliable corner and back protection for your device
  • NFC-friendly

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Additionally, if you're looking for a BlackBerry Holster for your BlackBerry KEY2, Blueshop has you covered as well. The original KEYone holster has been tested and works fine with the KEY2, you can pick one of those up right here from Blueshop. Are any of you out there already using any of these accessories? If so, drop a comment and let everyone know how they're working out for you.