Ode to Gravity for the BlackBerry PlayBook

The Games folder on my BlackBerry PlayBook is continuingly growing as I discover new games in App World or by word of mouth or via our own CrackBerry website. The newest game added to my collection is Ode to Gravity. The aim of the game is to gather the same coloured blocks together in order to remove them. It sounds a lot harder than you think. Continue after the break to read the full review.

The Review

Developer: Rotten Ogre Version (at time of review): 1.0.13
File Size: 705 KB
OS Requirements: Tablet OS 1.0.0 and higher
Cost: $0.99 Website: http://rottenogre.com

The aim of Ode to Gravity is to move around coloured blocks until they collide with the same coloured block. Once two or more of the same coloured blocks meet, they are removed from the screen. You have to do this without leaving any blocks behind. You are scored by the number of moves it takes you to complete the level. The least number of moves gives you the most stars, the maximum being three stars. There are two ways in which you can control the blocks. The first way is by tapping either of the four sides you want the blocks to go towards, the other by using the PlayBook accelerometer to move the blocks. I find that the game is more enjoyable to play if I use the accelerometer. 

Ode to Gravity Level 5

As with any puzzle game each level gets progressively harder with many more obstacles to overcome. Currently, there are 70 levels to get through and as of the time of writing this I am on level 29. The first 8 levels are simple enough with no obstacles just more colours being added, then you have walls put up that obstruct your way so you must find other means of getting the coloured blocks together. In later levels, there is the introduction of gates, where once you pass them with a block, a wall goes up so you can no longer go through that path. Then you have blocks which go the opposite way to the direction you tilt (or tap) making things even more confusing and difficult. There are even levels with paths that will change the block to a certain colour to help get you more blocks of the same colour to collide together but this can sometimes make things more complicated. 

Ode to Gravity Level 25
Levels with blocks that go opposite gravity. This level also has gates that will close once you pass through them  
Ode to Gravity Level 28
This level has a path that will change the colour of a block to the colour shown in the path

I love puzzle games and this is certainly one I play on a regularly basis. I find that the fact that it is quite challenging a big factor in why I love it so much. As it was said the app description "simple to learn but difficult", it certainly holds true to that statement. The app is available to download now from App World for $0.99.  

Ode to Gravity Levels' Screen
A quick glance at the levels and the total number of stars you have acheived so far


Ode to Gravity
by Rotten Ogre


  • Addictingly challenging.


  • There isn't anything I find bad about this game.

The Bottom Line

If you love challenging puzzle games this is definitely one you'll find enjoyable like me. There are enough obstacles to keep your mind active and it certainly doesn't get boring. Download Ode to Gravity for your BlackBerry PlayBook Ode to Gravity web link

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