Every now and then when devices end up getting released to the public, we often see early prototype versions end up hitting some weird places online and it seems that tradition has continued on with the BlackBerry Z30. CrackBerry forums member boilerkim has come across such a creature on Craigslist and it certainly doesn't fit the bill of a 'normal' BlackBerry Z30. There's info to suggest that despite the markings, it might not be a Z30 at all.

This BlackBerry Z30 (if it can really be called that), while not being able to boot, has a USB 3.0 slot, shows some rather odd markings not found on a released BlackBerry Z30 and well, is plain weird. It's hard to say if it's a prototype device or something someone just hacked all to heck just for the fun of it all. Still, pretty interesting to see whatever it may be.

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