Big thanks to everyone who sent this into the tips line... Back in January we reported that we believed President Obama would be keeping his Blackberry for his term in office.  The rumors went up and down, but now according to the Washington Post, the President will indeed be able to keep his 8830. It appears that the NSA is going over the device to make sure its software meets "federal standards".  The device will feature software called SecureVoice which will protect from hackers, eavesdroppers and spies. We don't believe President Obama actually has the device yet, but hopefully he will get it (back) soon. Props to the Prez for not giving up his Blackberry without a fight. But if only the BlackBerry 9630 would hurry up and get released, we know a super-secret version of the "Tour (Niagara)" is what Obama should really be rocking!

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